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Recommendation for speakers

  • All speakers must check-in with the technician at the Speakers Ready Desk a minimum of 3 hours before your session starts – earlier if possible. You are welcome to upload your slides the day before your presentation too.
  • Presentation remains the property of the author and not to be used without its permission.
  • Please arrive in time in the conference rooms before the start of your presentation.
  • Tell the moderator any details of your work and familiarize yourself with remote control projector, the timer and the microphone.
  • Strictly Follow the instructions of the moderator.

Data presentation

If using a PowerPoint presentation (or any other PC based application), please note you need to bring it on USB Memory stick or external hard drive and load it on one of the conference’ computers at least 3 hours before the start of the session.

Please note that the conference computers in the session halls are being supplied with Office 2016 (at least).

If you are combining video films with PowerPoint, please make sure to check it in the session hall where your lecture is taking place during a coffee or lunch break prior to your session, at least 3 hours before the start of the session – even after checking it.

Alternatively, you may supply your own laptop computer. In such a case please confirm that it has a VGA socket for external signal and come to check it first in the Speakers’ Desk as soon as you arrive and later on in the session hall where your lecture is taking place during the coffee or lunch break prior to your session, at least 60 minutes before the start of the session.

Important note for Apple Macbook users

In order to use MAC presentations on a PC compatible computer please note that you need to prepare it according to the instructions below:

  • Save the presentation, which was prepared on a Mac, as a PC-based PowerPoint presentation.
  • Use a common font, such as Arial, Times New Roman, Verdana etc. (special fonts might be changed to a default font on a PowerPoint based PC).
  • Insert pictures as JPG files (and not TIF, PNG or PICT – these images will not be visible on a PowerPoint based PC).

We strongly recommend not using personal computers for presentation. Please note that the time used for connecting personal computer will be deducted from your total presentation time.

Speakers presentation check desks

It is located within the event location (Palace of Culture Iasi), with the following schedule:

  • Wednesday, 28 of September 2022, 10:00 – 20:00
  • Thursday, 29 of September 2022, 08:00 – 18:00
  • Friday, 30 of September 2022, 08:00 – 18:00
  • Saturday, 01 of October 2022, 08:00 – 16:00

Technical specifications

  • Please bring your presentation on the following media: portable USB stick or external hard drive.
  • Power Point versions that can be used are: 2010, 2016.
  • Save with the extension *. ppt or pps-.-. Do not use the function pack&go. Make sure that all files with movies are saved on separate portable racks.
  • Flash animations can not be designed.
  • All files must be in the same directory.
  • Do not use passwords for files.
  • We recommend you to use common fonts: Times New Roman, Calibri, Verdana, Arial.
  • If you are using Power Point or Keynote Mac please export your presentation as *.ppt-for Windows

Moderators recommendations

Dear colleagues,
The Scientific Committee of the RSN CONGRESS 2022 would like to thank you for your acceptance to moderate one or more of it’s sessions. You have an important position in ensuring the success of these event. Hopefully the following information will be helpful.

Before the session:

  • Identify the Conference Hall where the session will be held and reach it with a few minutes before work.
  • Meet with technical assistant in charge of this room. If you encounter any problem, please ask the technical assistant to help you in this regard.

During the session:

  • Remind your audience to turn their phones on silent mode.
  • Start the session on time, even if participation is low.
  • Do not accept violations of presentation time.


  • It is not permitted the filming or photography during the session, other than the official ones.
  • Announce the changes that have been made by the organizers (if any).