Palace of Culture

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Palace of Culture, designed in the spirit of communal palaces in Western Europe, is a happy combination of several architectural styles: neo-Gothic, romantic and neo-baroque. Strongly marking the architecture of the old capital of Moldova, the Palace has established itself as a true effigy since its appearance in the city landscape.

The Palace of Justice and Administration in Iași, built between 1906-1925 according to the plans of the architect I.D. Berindey, he stood out for his remarkable size. Thus, the central tower of the building, which reaches 55 meters high, made the Palace to be considered at the time the tallest building in the city with a ground footprint of 7330 sqm and an area of ​​34,236, 35 sqm.

Apart from its monumentality and beauty, the building was distinguished by modern installations and technical equipment purchased from Germany, as well as by the hardware made by Casa Haug and the famous French companies Krieger, Mericier and Bagvès. The furniture of the Palace of Justice, in neo-Gothic style, was designed and made in the famous Albert Goumain workshops in Paris and by the Mappel company from England.

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